Welcome to CarbonSink Development Initiatives

CarbonSink is a network of young environmental professionals, founded as a Non-Governmental Organization to implement research and developmental projects on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Our interests lies in creating synergies between the developed and the developing countries, especially the most vulnerable, through climate change resilience projects. Our activities span across local, national and international level, with a team of dynamic passion-driven young leaders that have acquired diverse professional expertise and training all around the world.


Climate Change Reality

As the climate threats increases, discussion intensifies and pressure to take actions mounts on the industrialized countries most responsible for the changes in the climatic variations. Even though many of the developed countries are shifting towards a sustainable future, scientists have continually express concerns that global temperatures will continue to rise for decades. The effects on each region will vary over time and its resilience level would be depended on the adaptive capacity of the society and the environmental systems of each region.                                                                                                                             

Close the Gap

We recognize there is no single solution to climate change, but we believe collective efforts to reduce human induced emissions, and actions towards mitigation and adaptation could reverse climate change overtime. Close the Gap is the concept of our approach towards sustainable future. We develop research, educational programs and developmental projects towards emissions reduction, mitigation and adaptation.  


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Opportunities for Climate Change Mitigation                     REDDplus with a focus on poverty 
Through Afforestation and Reforestation of                        reduction and development: Criteria for
Degraded Lands in The Sub-Saharan Africa                       good REDDplus activities that focus on 
                                                                                   poverty reduction and development



Latest News

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Research on Carbon Dynamics
With the financial support of the International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO), and in collaboration with Prof. Rob Harrison laboratory at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences of the University of Washington, Seattle WA. CarbonSink...
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